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The Startup Hussle Policy


Booking a Consultation


For us to  create your website or logo, each person must complete a free consultation. Consultations are up to the client to book. You can book your consultation at




The Startup Hussle aims to finish websites as soon as possible. Delay in giving us any products, photos or information can delay the time we complete your site or logo. Everything is scheduled to ensure each client is given the best quality service! If material is sent within 10 business days of consultation, it will be added ASAP!

All products, photos and information must be sent via our Client Portal (Link will be sent after consultation)! We will not respond to products sent via text messages or email! Sending material via text message or email will delay completing your website. 


All meetings have to be scheduled in advance. That includes meetings that are booked for website revisions and approvals. There are no same day meetings. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our Client Portal and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours!


All emails that are sent to The Startup Hussle will be responded to within 24-48 hours. 


We do any follow up between the hours of 4pm - 8pm Monday - Friday! 


If we schedule a meeting and you are unable to attend, unfortunately you will have to reschedule. It is not guaranteed to get a meeting that same week. There is a chance, you would have to reschedule the following week!


Revisions and Approvals


When we send revisions for your site please respond in via our Client Portal. PLEASE DO NOT CALL RIGHT AWAY! If you need to call to discuss revisions and approvals, please schedule time with us or email us asking to set up time to discuss further. We respond to emails fairly quickly but please allow 48-72 hours.


If you have questions on why something may not be added like social medias or details, please verify what phase you are on before emailing us. Refer to the “Website Phases” section.

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